What Are The Biggest Prizes Won On Casino Games Online?

There seems to be a myth circulating among those that are not active in the casino world that you don’t really win money at a casino. Instead, the myth is that casinos are a way to take away your money. Granted, online casinos make money like everyone else, but the chances are bigger that you’ll get a payout than at brick and mortar casinos! 

Most online casinos have a higher RTP, which stands for Return To Player, than brick and mortar casinos do! Return to player is how much money is made that gets returned to players. For example, if a slot machine has a 96% RTP, it means that 96% of the money in the slot machine will be returned to a player. This could be in the form of small payouts, or in one large jackpot. Either way, the online casino is not making a significant amount of money off of that one slot machine. 

There are a lot of people that win big prizes online!

The Ten Biggest Online Wins

Most of these people won their big casino wins playing online slot machines! From a story of a man that had insomnia to another that created a world record with only a quarter, these stories will go to show that it is more than possible to win a big prize, whether it’s an hk prize or somewhere else. 

Most will notice that the majority of these wins are on slot machines. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to win at other online games, however. There are people that make millions and are able to turn playing a game into their career thanks to online casinos. Others win thousands on various games they casually play. 

Online Poker Winners Make It Big

Online poker is quickly taking the place of in-person hands. When playing online poker, a person sits in front of their computer, there is often a live dealer, and they play poker as they normally would. Some online casinos have a newspaper or the news playing in the background so that players can verify that the game is not pre-recorded. 

Online poker players can make little, or they can make millions. Some of the most famous online poker players are known across the world for playing thousands of hands and making well over a million dollars profit. These are the biggest names in the game. 

While the slots and card games like poker remain extremely popular, they are not the only chance to win. Other games, like Blackjack, are always a favorite. Although winning is always nice, it’s encouraged to find a game that is enjoyable. When a person plays for fun, they always win, even if it’s not monetary value. If they do hit the jackpot, it’s even sweeter. 

Those that plan on playing seriously are encouraged to browse through blogs, do their research, and make sure that they have the best possible chance to bring home the big ones. 

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