What are Tie Bets in Online Baccarat, and Why Should You Avoid Them?

This page underlines tie bets in online baccarat and why expert baccarat players suggest others avoid wagering on tie bets.

Online baccarat would be the best gambling game if you are interested in card games and don’t want to get into complicated rules. Being entirely contradictory to other popular card games like blackjack and poker, which comprise intricate rules, baccarat only needs gamblers to speculate which hand from Player and Banker will be closer to number 9 and place their bets on it.

Along with Player and Banker bets, online baccarat also offers to bet on ties. So, if you want to play a few real money rounds in online baccarat, you should also know about tie bets and why experts suggest others not to wager money on it.

What is a Tie Bet in Online Baccarat?

You already know online baccarat games have three major betting types: Player, Banker, and Tie. In addition, the game comprises some side bets, but the odds they are attached to aren’t satisfactory. Therefore, avoiding them while playing the game with real money is always a better option.

A tie bet will payout when the Banker’s and Player’s hands are equal when the cards have already been dealt. If you back a Player or Banker and a tie occur, your original wagered amount will be refunded. However, you will earn a prize by striking 8/1 or 9/1 odds upon keeping a real money stake on a tie bet. If you ask for a possible frequency, tie bets envelop a 9.6% chance to arrive in a baccarat round.

Why Should You Avoid Betting on Ties?

Betting on ties is often regarded as not a wise decision by veteran baccarat players. However, when you play online baccarat or gather precious knowledge from websites like Databet88, you will learn that the entire gameplay of this gambling variant is based on the advanced hand between Player and Banker.

Because of it, the Banker’s hand has a 1.06% house edge, although casino platforms charge a 5% commission from all winning bets of Bankers, as this hand always has a higher chance of winning. For Player bets, the casino holds a 1.24% house edge. But, when it comes to tie bets, you have to face a massive house edge of 14.4%.

Tie Betting Strategy 

Irrespective of disadvantages, you might feel like betting on it today or tomorrow as long as the ability to bet on ties is in your hand. On those days, you can try out edge sorting casino cards by expert advantage players. However, more than a strategy, it’s putting your fortune on the table. It’s because online casino platforms know online gambling and are more intelligent than you can imagine, and this strategy is complicated to be applied. Hence, the chances of you finding an imperfect deck of cards in online casinos are improbable.

Wrapping Up

So, these are why Tie bets are an option to avoid in online baccarat games. The chances of landing a win with active tie bets are relatively diminutive because two baccarat hands ending up having the same value is much rare. Hence, if you want to win more in online baccarat, leaving tie bets out of your syllabus is better unless you are dying for it. 

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