5 major benefits of betting on football games

An Intro to Football Betting

Football (Soccer) betting can be a whole load of fun and a great way to make a bit of side cash if you’re responsible. There are all kinds of different things to bet on within matches themselves or even outright bets on who you think will win a certain league or cup competition. Below we’re going to get into some of the benefits of betting on Football matches compared to betting on other sports. We promise this is a good one, so get reading and start learning!

1. Entertainment Value

If you watch Football regularly, then you know just how thrilling some matches can be. Last-minute goals and dubious penalty decisions. It can be even more fun if you have money riding on the game. Need Man Utd to win, and it’s 0-0 in the 90th minute, but then someone scores a screamer. Now that is entertainment, a great way to spice up an important game or make a boring one more fun. With endless betting possibilities, you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

2. Simplicity

Getting into Football betting is so simple it should be criminal! All your betting options are straightforward, and the UI’s of betting apps are easy to navigate for the most part. If you ever wonder what certain betting options you have at your fingertips, then betting companies like W88 have easy to read guides on what you’re getting yourself into.

3. Money

Since there’s so much you can bet on in football; there is a tremendous opportunity to make large sums of money depending on your personal risk tolerance. Many people who bet on Football matches regularly put together accumulator bets. This is where you bet on multiple teams to achieve different or similar results. For example, you bet on 3 teams to win and then 3 teams to lose, or 6 teams to win or lose. The odds from these bets are added together to create large odds.

4. Variety

You’re not restricted to the typical limits that other sports have. You can bet on the number of shots on target, the exact amount of goals scored, who’s going to score, and when. There are almost limitless things to bet on. If you think you know what’s best, go for it!

5. Safety

Certified online betting companies are not only easy to use but are also incredibly safe. You know that when you’re betting online, your money and details are held securely by advanced security systems. You also know that you are getting realistic odds and guaranteed payout if your bets come in. No dodgy backstreet bookie can scam you online if you pick who to bet with carefully.


As you can probably tell by now, Football betting is a lot more varied than betting on other sports. Not only that, but you can enhance the fun and excitement of live matches ten-fold. It’s simple to get into, and if you bet responsibly, there’s a chance for some good payouts!

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