Gambling in Horse Racing

If we talk about gambling, most of the time people say about card games, casinos, etc. But there is one trendy type of gambling, that is horse racing. This racing can better be stated as betting as gambling as people here do not gamble directly, but they put some money on some probable winning horses. Let’s talk more about it in detail.

Horse Racing

It is those of gambling in which people bet on the winning of their favorite or selected horses. These races are not famous in many countries. In India, it legalized in Maharashtra only. There are mainly five forms of horse racing, which we will discuss one by one below.

Flat Racing

In this type of horse racing, the horse has to run one between two points. These two points either may be on an oval-shaped track or the straight-line track.

Endurance Racing

The distance to cover in this racing is longer than the distance on flat racing. Here the horse has to include a set distance on a set route throughout the city with either a rider on the horses back or without the rider.

Saddle trotting

This might be considered as a race also as there doesn’t happen any real running. Here the horse just has to trout between two points without galloping even a single time. If any horse could complete this trotting within a limited time, it wins the race.

Steeple chasing race

In this race, the horses have to cover a quite long distance, but there come many problems in the way of this race. The whole racing track is filled with many hindrances. The horses have not only to run fast but also to jump occasionally to win the race. This horse racing is also known as jump racing.

Harness racing

In this, horses have to run enough long-distance just like before but what is the main problem here is more weight. Here horses have to keep the rider on its back or to list any luggage or both whatever suits the rule better.

Type of racing

To bet

It is a type of racing where you can win it when your horse comes first.

To place

It is a type of racing where you can win, even when your horse gets the second position.

To show

In this type of horse racing, the probability of winning is maximum. Here you can win the race even when your horse ranks first, second, or third.

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